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Binford Pet Wellness Clinic

Conveniently located in Indianapolis at 71st street and Binford, we welcome you to visit our Binford Pet Wellness Clinic. The concept of wellness doesn't just apply to humans -- our pets are like members of our families, and we want them to be healthy and happy too. Each veterinarian at our Indianapolis Pet Clinic shares a mutual commitment to ensure your beloved pets receive the care they need to achieve wellness.

Our Practice and Philosophy of Pet Wellness

Staff members include three highly trained veterinarians who share a dedication to providing essential pet wellness care in our full-service facility. Together, they represent over three decades of qualified experience and dedication to pets and pet owners.

Our clinic is open from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and 8am to noon on Saturdays, by appointment, and we are closed on Sundays. In case of emergencies, try to call ahead at 317-578-1298, but if you are not able to, please come directly to our facility. Your pet's life is more important than calling or trying to make an appointment first!

Our philosophy and mission at Binford Pet Wellness Clinic is to genuinely care for you and your pets with honesty and sincerity. Since we know you consider your pets as members of your family and as "special friends" worthy of the high quality veterinary care we gladly provide. This mission extends throughout our veterinary medical and pet surgical services and our grooming salon services as well.

At our Indianapolis Pet Wellness Clinic, we offer a wide range of medical, dental, and surgical services for your pets, from general wellness and preventative care and nutrition advice, to emergency procedures when they become necessary. Your pets can enjoy wellness exams combined with therapeutic treatments, as well as dental services such as cleanings, extractions, and minor oral surgery.

Surgical procedures include standard spays and neuters, as well as emergency surgeries when required. We use the safest anesthesia available for pets and monitor their vital signs throughout the procedures.

Our services also include diagnostic procedures and in-house laboratory testing. We maintain a pharmacy for your pet's needs, as well as an in-hospital surgery suite, and a hospitalization area that we closely supervise.

You may also want to take advantage of our flea control programs, our dietary counseling, or our behavioral counseling to address common problems pets often have.

In addition to our standard wellness services, we are pleased to offer professional grooming in our Binford Pet Grooming Salon. Clean, healthy pets are happy pets, which contributes to their overall wellness. Some of the grooming services you can expect are baths and massages, drying and brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

Our staff members are warm and sincere, and look forward to meeting you and serving you and your pets in an environment that is both friendly and relaxed.

At Binford Pet Wellness Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Dr. Angela Darden
Dr. Mike Graves

Dr. Kara Burdine
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